Best Window Well Covers in 2021


Wondering if you need to buy window well covers? You may need a window well cover to prevent dust, snow, leaves, water, and other wastes from filling the well because it may clog its drain. Not only this, well covers will keep birds and other animals away from the window well where they can enter in the basement of your house.

It is recommended that the window wells must be covered with a proper and durable cover. So it is essential that the well cover must be leak-proof.  There are a lot of varieties and designs that are available in the market according to the shape and size of the window well.

Square Window Well Cover

This is a custom made window well cover and this can match any window well. These types of window well covers are available in both rectangular and square shapes to fit any size. These are also available in multi square styles including aluminum garage, Atrium dome, and many others. These are specially made for brick, concrete, and other types of window wells. These covers have the ability to resist ultraviolet and other sun damages, but they are very expensive.

Adjust-A-Grate Window Well Cover

There are two main reasons to use this cover. Sometimes custom window well cover does not perfectly match the size of the well especially if the well was custom-built. Besides this, the custom window well covers are very expensive and time-consuming. Why pay a lot and wait a lot when there is a better solution in the form of Adjust-A-Grade cover? This is easily adjustable in different sizes ranging from 44 to 61 inches long and 23 to 24 inches wide. But this cover can prove to be not-so-effective when it comes to moisture protection. Quality tempered aluminum is used to hold up to 400 plus pounds. It requires no painting because it does not rust.

McCourt Window Well Cover

McCourt window well cover is made of special plastic polythene that is very light. Due to its lightweight, it cannot hold up to even 2 pounds that is the major flaw in this window well cover. But it is very easy to install and accommodate different window wells. It improves the installation of your basement and allows the natural light to enter, thus saves energy.

Semi-Circle Window Well Cover

Do you require a lifelong cover for your window well? A Semi-circle well cover is the best option because it is guaranteed for more than 30 years.  It is made up of a very flexible and may distort several times but can be pushed back again into the proper shape. It is available in various other designs and styles.

 Sloped Window Well Covers

As the name indicates, it contains a slope that is the best when it comes to safety against multiple elements like debris, snow, rain, and mud because it provides maximum drainage. It is also effective because it does not let animals fall through. It is easy to clean and is rust free. It is the best protection against ultraviolet radiation and other sun damages.  

Bubble Window Well Cover

You might feel various difficulties while selecting and installing a window well cover. For example, selecting the correct size, weakness, and various other issues with the To address all these issues, Bubble Window Well Cover is the best option to consider. It is enough to handle these problems of size and productivity. It is the least expensive made up of Unbreakable (polycarbonate) and provides a lifetime warranty.

Shape Products Window Well Cover Heavyweight Window Well Cover

It is a unique window well cover because it is super durable among all the others. It can prove to be suitable if you want to prevent heavyweight objects like bears, buffaloes, and cows, etc. It has the capacity to hold the weight up to 500 lbs. It is also good if you have cats, dogs, and kids to prevent them from falling into a well.

It is not only effective against heavyweight objects but is equally effective against other things like rain snow debris and other wastes. It contains heavy material but can be installed easily. It is very costly and not frequently used because it is specially designed for heavy arched wells. This is the major disadvantage of this window well cover.  It is also available in different sizes.


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