Which is the Best Bed Bug Killer

Best Bed Bug Killer
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Bed bugs are a common problem both in residential and commercial properties like hotels and motels. when seeking to eliminate these pests, you need to know which bed bug killer is effective. We will help you choose the best bed bug killer. So, what do the best bed bug killers contain? The USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that the registered active ingredients for products meant to control bed bugs include 4 neonicotinoids, 16 pyrethroids and pyrethrins, neem oil, alcohol, S-hydroprene, propoxur, DDVP (dichlorvos), chlorfenapyr, and three inorganic compounds.

Pyrethroid or pyrethrin-based sprays are the most popular. They attack nerve cells, leading to multiple nerve excitation. This leads to paralysis, and death of the pests. These insecticides are potent, but many insects have developed resistance to them over time because of DNA mutation and the appearance of genes that resist certain chemicals. Below, we review some of the best bed bug sprays that many professional exterminators use.

Transport ® GHP Insecticide

This is a professional insecticide that displays high bed bug mortality. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor perimeter treatment. If you prefer a ready-to-use solution, choose Harris Black Label Toughest. It can kill pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs and eggs. It is also effective on all kinds of surfaces, including porous materials. It has a residue lasting of up to 3 months.

Transport GHP is based on two potent active ingredients – Bifenthrin 27.27% and Acetamiprid 22.73%. However, scientists claim that Bifenthrin’s effect is too strong. Therefore, avoid applying the solution to the surfaces which come into direct contact with human skin. Instead, apply the product on the hiding places of bed bugs such as crevices and cracks.

Best Bed Bug Killer

What is the strong point of Transport GHP? According to researchers from Rutgers University, Transport GHP is the only insecticide that can eliminate bed bugs effectively from different materials like fabric, nylon, and wood. The researchers concluded this after testing the eight most commonly utilized insecticides. This product shows a mortality rate of 89.7 percent in spite of the substrate.

Transport GHP is also a wettable powder formulation. To use it, take 0.3 ounces of the powder and dissolve it in a gallon of water. This amount is adequate to treat the house. Since this is only one-24th of the contents of the container, it is economical. One container of the powder can treat 1,000 square feet. Having this insecticide in your house is a great idea because it controls many different pests, including ticks and scorpions.

Temprid SC Killer

This is an expert dual action pesticide. It effectively kills more than 50 types of pests, including bedbugs. It is made of two powerful insecticides, which are imidacloprid and beta-cyfluthrin the former deals with pyrethroid-resistant pests, while the latter can kill regular species. You can purchase the pesticide as concentrated suspension, which you have to dissolve in water or a ready to use spray. Aerosol spray is most suitable for small areas, while the concentrate is most suitable for huge invasions.

You spray the aerosol on seams, edges, and joints of mattresses as well as bed backs, floor cracks, skirting boards, shelves, cabinets, curtains, any furniture, and box springs. When it comes to the concentrate, it is most effective when you spray it immediately after dissolving it.

 BASF Phantom II

This is pesticide is also very effective in eliminating bedbugs. It comprises 0.5% chlorfenapyr, an ingredient known to kill bed bugs because of its long-term residual. Researchers say that BASF Phantom II causes over 70% mortality rate among bed bugs and other pests irrespective of the kind of material being treated. This insecticide kills the bedbugs immediately it gets into contact with them. To eliminate the bedbugs completely, you need to spray the insecticide repeatedly. When spraying the insecticide, focus on crevices, cracks, folds, and seams.

Low Toxicity Contact Sprays SteriFab™

This insecticide is recommended by most entomologists. It is a contact spray and it kills the bed bugs on contact. It, however, becomes ineffective the moment it gets dry. The insecticide can be used on furniture, mattresses, and other areas that are habituated by humans. When covering a large area, it is recommendable to choose a SteriFab kit, which comprises of one pint of bactericide and a gallon of SteriFab spray.


This is a contact spray that is just as effective as SteriFab. However, it is not that efficient against eggs. Bedlum Plus is a residual spray which is more potent at eliminating bed bugs. It is particularly efficient at eradicating pyethroid-resistant bed bugs along with their eggs, two weeks after treatment.

The manufacturer of this insecticide is the McLaughlin Gormley King Company, which is based in Minneapolis, MN. This firm specializes in producing insecticides that mainly contain synthetic pyrethroids and natural pyrethrum. Bedlum Plus is suitable to use if the bed bug infestation in your property is not that significant.

According to scientific tests, over 40 percent of bed bugs that come into contact with Bedlum die. Although this is not the highest mortality rate, bear in mind that Beldlum is a low-toxicity insecticide that you can safely apply to bedding. This solution is based on a synergized pyrethroid and neonicotinoid mixture that has been developed recently to control bed bugs. 


The best bed bug killers can kill the insects even if they are in hard to reach areas. Each of the products above is great in its own way. You can try them to see if you can exterminate bed bugs from your property effectively. Combining several insecticides is a wise decision.

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