All You Need to Know About The Touchless Car Wash

Touchless Car Wash
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Touchless car wash is the new term often heard at the advanced and modern car service stations. Many people who are new to this are still confused. Worry not; if you also yearn to try this new venture, keep on reading to find the complete details.

What is The Touchless Car Wash?

Touchless car washing is synonymous with automated car cleaning. It would involve any human cleaner. Machines thwarting high-pressure water and different effective chemicals are the only requirements for this robust car washing services.

You only need to leave the car at the service station. You can also

Pros of Touchless Car Washing.

Now, as you have learned about the process, it is time to find the benefits of this fantastic fast car cleaning method.

  • It would not scratch the outer coating of your car. That is why it is the best car wash option for the new car owners who cannot bear the sight of a scratch on their luxury car.
  • It is fast and convenient; you do not have to leave your car at the station for an entire day. Only a few hours, and your car is ready to rock the road.

Cons of Touchless Car Washing.

  • The touchless car washing services include a lot of harsh chemicals; regular automated car washing service can damage the outer coating of the car.
  • It would not go as far as physical cleaning. The deep and tough stains on wheels and inner hidden portions will not be cleaned properly.

Process of a Touchless Car Wash.

How does this happen? It is not a very long process, but it has a few stages, and without completing each section, the car would not be clean entirely.

Damping The Car Properly.

The dry dirt and stains on your car will be difficult to remove, even for the highly concentrated chemicals. So, the best way is always to clean with water first. This is done with the electric pressure washer. Some washing stations use gas-powered pressure washers, which will be a costly option for the consumer. Ask the service providers for the rates before you leave your car.

The Car Shampoos For Deep Cleaning.

You cannot go with the traditional methods of using detergents. Your car will get extra treatment. The neutralized Ph car wash shampoos are now used to clean the outer coat thoroughly. You can offer the service provider your favorite shampoo or check the shampoo being used at the station.

You must be thinking, “why the service providers have to use the PH-neutral car shampoos and not the dishwashing soaps?” This is because the dishwashers have very acidic Ph, which will destroy the car’s outer wax coating. So, if you do not want to damage the car’s outer coat and to maintain its look, ensure that the service providers are using the car shampoo.

The Foam Cannons.

Now, it is time to scrub off every little dirt particle. The scrub cannon is an area with different human-sized brushes. While the car passes through this area and the automatic electric brushes clean the car and soap. This is a shorter activity as compared to the previous sessions.

The Air Dryer.

This is the last section. To dry out the car, high-pressure warm air is blown over the car’s bodice. It is essential to dry water from different inner build crevices and holes.

In physical cleaning, your car would take hours to dry, and the inner portion is quite impossible to dry within a day or two. That is why many people complain of fungal and mold growth in their car after traditional car wash.

Conclusion; is The Touchless Car Wash Method Worthwhile?

The touchless car wash method is a time-effective and cost-effective option. Moreover, contrary to the traditional car wash service, you do not have to worry about the cleaner’s un-professionalism.

On the service provider’s end, it has become a challenge for the poor businessman. The employers will also face its toll, as it leads to downsizing of the car washing companies. Overall, it is an innovative idea, as long as it uses the best chemicals and machines for the car wash.

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