Super Easy Ways to Deal With Flying Cockroaches

Flying Cockroaches
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Fed up of Flying Cockroaches And Tracing Out Ways To Deal With Them?

Flying cockroaches are nightly creatures that spread across space when you are not there to observe what they do to your house. These flying cockroaches breed in a damp and dark environment that could be under the sink or between the roof shingles. These nocturnal flying cockroaches hide during the day and come out at night to survive on the decaying food crumbs or any other organic matter. These pests drop allergens and shed their skins that may trigger allergies and asthma.

These roaches can survive for over a year to contaminate pantry items and leave germs on the surface of the kitchen. These flying cockroaches transfer the viruses, fungi, and bacteria to the uncovered food. The infestations caused by these pests put the residents of the house at the risk of several kinds of gastroenteritis, such as dysentery and food poisoning. 

How to Get Rid of Flying Cockroaches?

Getting rid of the flying cockroaches may seem impossible, but we have gathered all the information you need to deal with these pests. Let’s find out!

Flying Cockroaches

Keep Your House Neat and Clean 

It is obvious that these flying cockroaches find their way out to our homes only if they find a suitable environment or an easy way to get inside. They are in the search of food and tend to make a place their home and start breading when the space is dirty and damp. We often leave our kitchens dirty at night to be cleaned in the morning and this is what shows a green signal to the roaches. Therefore, it is always recommended to keep the house neat and clean to avoid the infiltration of flying roaches into the house. Here are some simple tips to keep your house clean and avoid the entry of roaches into the house:

Tips of Keep The kitchen Clean!

  • No food must be left out to decay over the kitchen counters or in the bins.
  • Swipe and clean the spills right away.
  • Do the dishes after every meal.
  • Take out the trash before you sleep
  • Remove grease from the cooking range
  • Keep the edible covered and away from the access to these pests
  • Wipe the floor on a regular basis
  • Try to keep the area under the sink as dry as possible.
    Ask for help to our strata cleaning services

Use The Liquid Concentrates To Prevent Flying Roaches

Flying Cockroaches

Spray the liquid concentrates to the corners, under the sink, into the cracks and crevices and other damp or dark areas where the flying roaches may hide. You must use this solution to wipe the kitchen countertop every day. This can also be used to wipe the floor to make the environment unlikely for the survival of the flying cockroaches. 

Use The Boric Acid to prevent the breading of flying roaches

Boric Acid is one of the most traditional and useful methods for the prevention of flying roaches. It is a tried and tested DIY method to create an emergency for the flying cockroach community. All you need to do is to make dough balls to attract the flying cockroaches by mixing equal amounts of boric acid, dry milk or flour, and sugar. You can make small balls out of this dough to place it under the sink, all over the kitchen floor, or the countertop. The flying cockroaches will consume these dough balls and the boric acid will kill them all to keep your kitchen pest-free.

Seal The Cracks and Holes

Flying cockroaches enter the house from various cracks within the walls, roofs, or crawl through the space available under the doors. Many of these species are attracted to light and so they make their way towards a house at night. The pest control professionals recommend sealing the unobserved cracks present in the house. You must install rubber around the doors and windows to fill the vacant space that lets the flying cockroaches in. Also, seal the cracks along the foundation or roof and the attic holes done for the gas, electricity, and plumbing lines.

In A Word,

you can easily get rid of the flying cockroaches if you know how these roaches find their way to your homes and what makes them stay and start breading. There are also many products available in the market, to get rid of these pests and you can also hire a pest control services to prevent these flying cockroaches. 

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