Best Car Polish and Wax Buffers for 2021


Waxing your car is an essential task to do as it safeguards your car from dust and sun rays which eventually results in increasing the life of your car’s paint. If you do not do proper waxing of your car, there is a chance that your car will lose its original shine. But waxing and polishing a car regularly is not child’s play. The process sometimes is very boring, tiresome, and very slow. To make this boring process interesting, power waxers are recommended. Different types of these power waxers are available in the market, and each provides a different level of productivity and functionality. Here are some of the best and most commonly used power waxes that are affordable and effective.

Black + Decker WP 906 Inch Random Orbit Waxer

It is very comfortable to handle as it has two handles design. It is very helpful for polishing waxing and buffing purposes. If you want to achieve a high-quality finish, this is the one you would want to opt for. It will speed up the whole process as it runs on a random Orbit at 4410 OPM.

Avid  power Dual-Action Polisher

This power waxer is unique in its kind, as it can meet all of your needs. It has a very powerful motor to polish, wax, and removes all kinds of scratches and swirls from your vehicle. This restores the true shine of your vehicle. It has a variable speed that you can control according to function and surface. Due to the extra power, it can be used on other surfaces, like on metals. It is very easy to operate and is often used for both personal and professional tasks. This tool is available in various designs and models. What’s most surprising about this waxer is that it is not very expensive and can be found in the market easily. It has foam pads and foam discs that come with it and perform the best to make the rough surface shine.

Meguiar’s Dual-Action Power System Tool

Meg G3500  is a versatile tool and is equally fast and efficient to strike against all kinds of stains, swirls, and scratches. It is a low-cost drill used for buffing, polishing, and waxing, but it is best for polishing only. For buffing, it is not usually recommended, as the buffing requires a lot of speed. The speed of this waxer is limited to up to 1500 RPMs. It is convenient to handle and operate for various vehicles.

Torq 503X Orbital Polisher

Torq 503X is a bit costly but provides dual functionality for both buffing and polishing as it contains various polishing and buffing pads. It is a unique product because unlike others it is designed to counter deep swirls and scratches. It is possible because its speed is between 2900 to 8000 RPMs that no other power waxer offers.

Ginour- 900w

This power buffer contains the same shape as Avid power’s buffer, but there is a huge difference between both of them. Avid is a beginner level tool with low speed and is suitable for small damages and routine polishing. Unlike Avid, this has 6 speeds suitable for various types of functions and surfaces. It is good in the long run, functioning as it has a lifetime warranty. The average speed of this tool is around 5,000 RPMs and is equally suitable for all types of waxing, buffing, and polishing.  It has earned a higher customer rating. For those who suffer from vegetative-vascular dystonia, klonopin is perhaps real salvation. I must say that the medicine turned out to be very effective. Literally, in a few minutes the head became much fresher, and I felt better. Now I always carry it with me, but I try to use it only in extreme cases, as this drug becomes addictive.

PoliWell  6 Inch Polish kit/ Buffer

This gadget is a complete collection of sponges, pads, and other pad disks and is very suitable for auto-detailing. It is a complete kit with a buffer and all the essential accessories. The buffer is very powerful as it has 6 speeds that are suitable for different functions from shining to the painting of a vehicle. It also contains a user-friendly structure that makes it easy to handle and use even at its full thrust of 6400rpm. It is equally good for every kind of polishing, buffing, and waxing and can be used for every kind of vehicle. There are two reasons due to which this kit is preferred;  firstly, it holds an enormous amount of professional accessories i.e. Pads, side handles, brushes, sanding pads, wash mitt earplugs, polishing pads and discs, user manual, long gloves, and much more. If you are tired of buying these pads separately, this is a good deal for you. Secondly, it is not much expensive.

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