Lawn Aerator Shoes: Do They Really Work?

Aerator Lawn
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Aerator shoes are shoes with spikes on their bottom and are used for aerating the lawn. The spikes under these shoes are said to have the ability to create holes in the soil so that the compaction can be alleviated and more water, nutrients, and air can reach the roots of the grass. But, there is a question that is mostly asked and that is, do these Aerator Shoes really help in aerating the grass?

Do Aerator Shoes Actually Work?

Aerator shoes being able to aerate the soil is in reality just a myth, let me explain WHY?

These spiked shoes might seem like a catch because they are handy and also affordable but, the spikes under these shoes are not hollow but solid and upon entering a lawn these spikes tend to push the soil downward and towards the sides which results in compacting the soil even more than before. There may be some impact of these shoes on the soil but that is too little because they result in compacting the soil further rather than reducing the compaction. You might see some benefits by using aerator shoes but they would not be as turf as when a hollow aerator tool is used. 

Best Ways to Aerate Your Lawn:

Aerate Lawn

If the aerator shoes aren’t a good option, then how can you aerate your lawn yourself? Following are a bunch of things you can do to aerate your lawn more effectively:

  • Going for an aerator with hollow spikes, hollow spikes will help reduce the compaction of the soil and will create a better pathway for fertilizers and moisture to reach the grassroots.
  • A day before you aerate your lawn make sure that you apply about an inch of water to the soil so that the soil can be softened. 
  • In order to avoid spots where any sprinkler heads, septic, or utility lines are present mark them before starting the aeration process.
  • If you want your lawn to be lightly compacted, then simply go around the entire lawn just once with the aerator. 
  • But, if the lawn’s soil is too compacted then you will have to go around the lawn with the aerator twice.
  • No need to clean up the plugs of soil that get removed because of the aerator, let them stay there because they will break down and will add back the nutrients they hold to the soil.
  • After finishing the aeration process, water your lawn well.

Best Time to Aerate the Lawn:

The answer to this question is a whole separate discussion but usually, the best time for the aeration of your lawn depends on three things:

  • What kind of grass do you have on your lawn?
  • What is the condition of weather in that area?
  • How much moisture does your lawn receive?

Other than this, a general answer to the question is that the best time for aerating a lawn is in the spring season or fall season. It is recommended to aerate the lawn to the core when the root growth is at its peak. For the grasses of warm weather; i.e. Centipede, Zoysia, or Bermuda the best time of aeration is in the months of May or June. While for the grasses of colder weather; i.e. The fescues and bluegrass it’s most beneficial to aerate the lawn in the fall season. When the active component gets into the blood, it begins to influence the smooth muscles, ensuring their relaxation. Consequently, arteries intensively fill the genitals with blood, which leads to its increase. It should be borne in mind that alcohol has a deterrent effect on the male sexual function. Specialists encourage patients to start the treatment with a daily dose of 20 mg. 

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