How to Control Moss in Lawn and Keep It Gone for Good

moss in lawn
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Most people think that controlling moss on the lawn is an uphill task but it is not that difficult if you use the right solutions. You can use different methods to rid your lawn from moss and correct conditions that encourage the growth of moss. Moss growth has been around for over 350 million years and it keeps going strong until today. 

Lawn moss forms thick mats on the grass and it absorbs water and other nutrients from grass making your lawn uneven. These plants thrive well in shady and damp conditions quickly spreading on the lawn. When you notice moss on your property, know that there are underlying problems with your lawn. The presence of moss in the lawn can be caused by several factors such as:

  • Acidic soil
  • Shade
  • Poor drainage
  • Heavy foot traffic on the lawn
  • Lack of fertilizer

Getting rid of moss from the lawn requires a good method to do away with it completely so that it does not grow back. You can easily do this by scarifying the lawn to remove all the moss and dry grass and ensuring that you improve the overall health of the lawn by regularly caring for it so that the moss does not reoccur. If the problem of moss on your lawn is mild, you can handle it by simply scarifying. However, if the moss problem is serious, you need to combine a moss killer, scarifying, and take good care of your lawn.

moss in lawn

Moss killers

The most effective method of getting rid of moss from your lawn is using chemical moss killers. Chemical moss killers contain ferrous sulfate, which is responsible for killing the moss. Some chemical moss killers come with fertilizer which is useful to grass that has lost vigor. Chemical moss killers are applied in spring or autumn when the weather is cool.

Organic moss killers are also available and they do not contain ferrous sulfate. They use bacteria to breakdown the moss. It is advantageous to use organic moss killers because the bacteria digest the moss effectively and there is no need to rake out the moss. Organic moss killers work well in a temperature above 15 degrees and should be applied from late spring to autumn. 

If a lawn has moss in it, it shows that there is an underlying problem, and unless you take care of the problem, your lawn will always be dull. An excellent way to keep moss from returning to the lawn is to ensure that the grass is growing vigorously.

How to Effectively Reinvigorate Your Lawn

  1. It is essential to aerate the lawn properly by spiking holes in the soil, especially in autumn. For a small garden, you can aerate it by using a garden fork. You should push the garden fork as far as possible into the soil and remove all the moss. For large gardens use a mechanical aerator.
  2. Re-seed bare or sparse areas of the lawn. Where your lawn has shade use seeds of grass that are good for shady areas. Using seeds of grass that is well situated for shady areas ensures that your lawn has enough grass even in the shady parts of the lawn.
  3. After re-seeding and aerating the lawn, apply the top dressing. You can get topdressing from garden shops. Spread the top dressing evenly on the lawn using a garden brush so that it is distributed to all the parts of the lawn and helps the grass grow well.
  4. When mowing your lawn, ensure that the grass is not cut too short. If you cut the grass too short, it stresses the grass, and this encourages moss growth while the grass does not grow with vigor.

moss in lawn

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