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Dog doors are maybe the best gadget for someone who has a pet or two. Having a pet means you have to help your pet go out or come inside, no matter how many times in a day they want to do it. Automatic dog doors are capable of combining convenience with security, for you and your home.

An automatic dog door is a very convenient way for your dog or other pets to go out, along with this, these automatic dog doors also provide security and peace of mind to the owners.

We are going to discuss some of the best automatic dog doors, for you. But first, what are dog doors exactly?

What Are Automatic Dog Doors?

Automatic dog doors are just like garage doors, but for your pets. An automatic dog door usually consists of three basic parts – a door sensor, a dog sensor, and a mechanism for opening and closing the door. The automatic dog doors work through the communication between the sensor on the door and the one on the dog. When your pet comes near the door, the sensors will communicate and the door will open automatically.

Top Automatic Dog Doors

So, which automatic dog doors are the best ones? Here is a list of some best automatic dog doors for you.

PetSafe Electronic Smart Door


This electronic smart door by PetSafe is on top of our list for several reasons. This automatic door provides a programmable selective entry and exit feature. Not just this, it also features an automatic locking system, for you and your pet’s convenience and security. Other amazing features of the PetSafe smart door include; sensitivity control, cutting template, LED indicators, and of course the installation instructions and guide.

This automatic dog door can be bought at a price as little as $156 and is operated through a SmartKey, that you have to attach to your pet’s collar. The SmartKey on the collar will be detectable by the door, allowing it to open automatically when your dog comes near the door, and lock itself when your pet goes away. You can also switch between automatic, always locked, and always unlocked mode as per your requirements.

This automatic door needs no rocket science to install, it can simply fit into almost all types of doors. Your door just needs to be around 1 ½ to 2 inches thick, to fit the automatic dog door in it. Lastly, this automatic door has a completely waterproof battery module, so you don’t need to worry about it when it’s raining outside.

Solo Pet Doors Automatic Electronic Dog and Cat Door

Second, on our best dog doors list is this Solo Pet Door’s automatic dog door. This dog door is available in 10 different sizes so that you can choose the one that suits your requirements the best. Moreover, this dog door can be fixed in a wall or door, the decision is yours.

The solo pet door works through a tag sensor, that you will attach to your pet’s collar. This tag sensor does not need any batteries; it simply works with the magnets on the automatic door. As soon as your dog (pet) approaches the door, it will open automatically. The tag sensor is completely waterproof, and you never have to worry about it when your pet is playing in the water.

The door flap of this automatic dog door keeps itself locked until the tag sensor on your pet’s collar comes in its range. Lastly, the door closes slowly, so that you do not have to worry about your pet getting hurt, either.

Power Pet Fully Automatic Sliding e-Glass Pet Door

This one is quite an expensive one but, it is worth every dollar. You can buy this sliding e-Glass door at the price of around $649.

This automatic door is specially designed for sliding glass doors in your house. The door is perfect for any patio door. It has an energy-efficient pane mounted in itself and a Low e-Glass panel. This fully automatic dog door activates automatically by the ultrasonic collar that comes with it, for your dog. The door slides up when the pet has to pass through it and locks automatically after the pet has passed through it.

The e-Glass used in making this dog door is tempered and weather resistant. The frame is made out of heavy-duty aluminum metal – two times thicker and eight times more durable than any standard patio pet door panel.

The door being double-paned tends to be more energy efficient and helps in keeping the heat in or outside. It can easily fit in sliding door track, and the top spring loaded section helps in quick and handy installation. This automatic dog door is available in 2 different panel and flap sizes according to your requirements.

Extreme Dog Door Aluminum Dog Door

This dog door by Extreme might be the best one, in its price range ($159). The aluminum alloy frame of this door guarantees durability and long-lasting quality. The strong magnets used in making this door, secure the dog door very efficiently. The magnetic technology allows the dog (pet) to freely go out and play whenever it wants. No technical locking and unlocking, your pet can easily push the door and go out or come inside the house.

This dog door comes with an extra security panel; you can lock the door with its help when required. This extra security makes sure that no stray animal enters your house.

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This dog door can be easily installed and it fits in any wooden doors or panels, perfectly. You can get this Extreme Aluminum dog door in four different sizes, according to your requirements and your pet’s size.


An automatic dog door can be a great addition to your home and your convenience altogether. There are several options for you to choose from, all depends upon your budget, pet’s size, household requirements. An automatic door is a must for any home with pet(s) because you are always not in a mood to be a doorman for your pet. Before purchasing any of the doors, keep your requirements in consideration, and always read all the instructions before you install your new automatic dog door.

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