Alexa Hacks That You Need To Know


Today we bring you a list of best commands for Alexa, a guide with whom you will know what kind of questions you can ask your smart speaker in the event that you have just been given one and you want to try to make the most of it. They are all kinds of commands, from the most basic and essential to others a little more advanced, including other ways of asking the same thing and the occasional Easter egg.

Ask Alexa about the Weather

Whether you’re taking shower, or you are going to the office, you need a proper weather update to dress up accordingly. If you have Alexa, you don’t need to worry now. Alexa will help to keep you updated about the weather. It will answer all your questions regarding the weather.

Control Alexa from a Different Account

If you are worried about too many accounts connected by multiple users, and you don’t know which one is your, just ask “Alexa, what is my profile?” This will help you to find your account. You can ask Alexa to switch your account too.

Control Your TV

You can order Alexa to turn on/off your smart TV. This will help you in the time when you have no remote. Actually, you don’t need to get a remote to run your TV, Alexa will help you to turn on/off the TV, and even you can ask Alexa to change channels also. Alexa will do what remote do.

Ask Alexa How to Spell a Word

You can use Alexa for educational purpose as well, if you need proper pronunciations of any words, just ask Alexa to pronounce them. The amazing thing about Alexa is that it will give you quick responses online.

Flip a Virtual Coin

Which you should go to restaurant when to celebrate a party, who will go to market? Amazon Alexa will handle all these questions. You just need to flip a coin and ask about “Head or Tail” to Alexa. Alexa will respond virtually.

Have Alexa Cheer You Up

While returning home, you are feeling tired, and also worried about your office burden. Alexa will help you to cool down. Just ask Alexa “Cheer Up!” you will listen to the motivational quotes, advice, and inspirational speeches.

Control Your Home’s Temperature with Nest

Now it is easy to maintain your room temperature according to your wish. Alexa will help to and will maintain your temperature according to your instructions. You can ask Alexa about humidity. This Amazon Alexa will help you to save energy.

Get Personalized Traffic Updates

It is a truth that using a mobile phone while driving causes accidents. So the time has changed, you should use Alexa to ask about traffic updates. Before leaving to house or office, just set a route, and ask Alexa, “How is traffic? You will see all kinds of updates regarding traffic.

Change Your Default Music Service to Spotify

We know Alexa plays music via the Amazon streaming service by default, but if you want to listen to music via Spotify, you just need to change the preference of your setting. Alexa will help you to listens to the music of Spotify.

Use It as a Night Light

We can use Amazon Alexa as a night light. To enjoy this service you just need to open Valtrex in, select skill, search night light, and select option of Now you will use Alexa as fantastic light.

Dim your lights

Many light bulbs are available in the market, called smart bulbs. That can turn on/off by smart devices. These bulbs can be controlled by Alexa. To get in control of the bulb, you just need to adjust the settings.

Stay Updated on Your Home Security System

Amazon Alexa Guard offers several home security features that can be enabled with voice commands.

Before activating the Guard system, you must ensure that you have the latest version of Alexa. To do this in the application store of your Smartphone, search for “Alexa application”. If the “Update” button is not activated, you have the latest version available, if not, update.

From the main menu of the App you can configure Guard and add convenient preferences, among these:

  • Select or deselect Echo devices.
  • Receive smart security alerts.
  • Enable or disable smart lights.
  • Link your home security system

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