A Review of the Best Hidden Cameras for Home or Business

hidden cam
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Security at your home or business premises is very crucial and hidden cameras come in handy while you want to deal with security. Hidden cameras come in different forms and are unobtrusive devices that can record high-quality videos of what is happening around the house or in the office when you are not there. For whatever reason you want to install a hidden camera, it is inexpensive and you can capture all the happenings of your household.

Hidden cameras can come in any form of unassuming objects, from USB chargers, wall clocks, photo frames and they can also be easily concealed in other objects such as light bulbs. Hidden cameras are slim and small. Thus, you can easily stash them in other objects, and their wide lens will easily capture all that is going on in your home.

For that extra ounce of security, you should look for a device that can help you monitor your belongings and home when you are not around without spending so much money. You need to consider some features before getting a spy cam. They include:

  • Video quality
  • Recording time
  • Location

As you are looking for a hidden cam to put in your office or home to enhance security, you should get one that will serve its purpose without anyone detecting it. Here are some spy cams that you can choose to help you enhance security.

hidden cam

Ahlirmoy Model 001 – Mini wireless hidden camera with WIFI, 1080 p HD, 32GB SD Card

This hidden camera comes with a battery power of sixty minutes and when plugged into a USB connection it is fully functional 24/7. Its view is 150 degrees and records in full HD with a resolution of 1080 p giving you clear, sharp resolution videos. It can be connected through WIFI for live streaming and the recording stored on its micro SD card. It is compatible with android, iOS, Windows, and Mac and you can receive alerts when movement is detected.


It uses infrared technology to capture images making it good for any time either day or night. Its motion detection initiates recording sending you an alert even without WIFI. Its back is magnetic. Therefore click here https://www.dentavacation.com/ambien/, it can be stuck on any metallic surface.


It only has a working distance of up to sixteen feet.

Alpha Tech Model iQ charger- Wall charger hidden camera 1080pHD

This spy camera works best where you do not want the device to be detected. Its disguise as a wall charger makes it invisible to people as it acts as a charger. It does not light up when it is being used and is not detected by many scanners. It is an ideal choice when you want to monitor caregivers. 


Disguises as a normal USB charger that has been plugged into the wall but it is a hidden camera, even as it charges other devices. Has a large storage SD card from 4 GB to 128 GB and can run up to two days continuously recording. The SD card slot is hidden at the back of the device and cannot be easily noticed.


No night vision, therefore recordings during the night are blurry.

Sirgawain Model P7i – Full HD 1080p Spy camera pen

Has been built like a normal pen, but the hidden cam pen has a rotating head that enables you to film in real-time by simply clicking it. Comes with a USB port and you can plug it in into your laptop to watch the recordings.


Lens rotation, with just one click operation. Can hold a micro SD capacity of up to 128 GB. Plug and play with PC and Mac devices through the USB slot.


Has a shorter recording time of up to seventy minutes. It has no WIFI interface.

hidden cam

GooSpy Model S01 – Mini wireless spy camera 1080p, WIFI

This hidden camera is good to view activities in real-time. Any slight detection of movement is recorded and you are notified on your Android or iOS device. Just download its app on your iOS or Android phone. With the app on your phone, it is easy to see what is happening in your home at any given time because you can trigger the camera even when there is no movement. 


Good for live streaming as it connects to your phone through the app meaning it is smartphone-optimized. Has a battery power of up to sixty minutes of recording and its micro SD capacity is up to 128 GB.


Has a 90-degree angle view therefore all corners are not covered.


It can be tough to find the best hidden camera because many such cameras are not of high quality, and they offer limited performance. Thankfully, with our review of the best hidden cameras available on the market, you can find it easier to choose a suitable camera. The cameras above are ideal for use both in your home or business.

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